Disappointing! A review of Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

We were not pleased with our stay here. We did not receive the type of room we booked and we were not offered an explanation as to why this happened. The staff was

neither friendly nor helpful, indeed, they were barely courteous.

The room we were in was nothing great for the amount of money we paid.

The policy with respect to getting towels at the beach or pool is very juvenile and low class -- you are given a piece of paper (which you sign) that tells you if you do not return your towels by 5:30 or if you leave your towel unattended for more than a half hour it will be picked up and you will be charged $35 -- do that many people steal towels that it is necessary to have this policy! In fact, the policy is absurd because half the

time that you go to return your towel the attendant is not

present and you have to track him down (which I observed many people do) he then tells you to put the towel back and not to worry about the piece of paper you signed agreeing to their policy on return of towels! This was quite annoying and the most low class thing I have ever seen a hotel (that is supposed to be

a four star hotel) do.

On the positive side the grounds of the hotel are nice -- but that's the only positive thing I can say about this hotel.

Of note, is the fact that Marriott just took over this hotel so maybe it has changed since the change of ownership (I don't know what it was like prior to the Marriott ownership). I would never stay here again and you can definitely do better for the amount of money you are paying!

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