Disappointing dinner at over rated hotel A review of L'Auberge Provencale Bed and Breakfast

We chose the L'Auberge for our stopover in May primarily because the food was rated so highly in all the guides (& also on this site). Although our room was beautiful with fruit & goodies etc. the dinner was expensively disappointing; pretty presentation but every dish was 'over ladled' with ingredients to the extent that we began to wonder if the chef had set his staff a competition to see just how many different flavours (complimentary or not) could be incorporated into one dish! And everything was delivered lukewarm in typical French tradition & not one I condone. However the real tragedy was one of the desserts - described as a twice baked chocolate souffle - but in fact resembled an overdone flabby doughnut with a sticky cherry jam base & quite frankly, was inedible. Insult was added to injury as no replacement was offered when I made these comments to our server who admitted that they were having problems with their pastry chef. At $82.00 per head, I expected better.....And certainly we had dined considerably better and more economically in some of Washington's finer establishments.

The breakfast, although delicious, was again over-egged with a HUGE strudel followed by a cooked breakfast & croisants etc. - completely unnecesary even for the hungriest of gluttons after the mammoth dinner of the previous evening.

My chagrin was not appeased by the blatent expectation of tips at every turn, from the housekeeper's envelope left in prominent position in our room to the large designated boxes on both the restaurant and hotel bills. This place is not cheap ($245 per night + tax, gratuity and above dinner) and if the management can't afford to pay their staff a fair salary on the money they are raking in, they shouldn't be in the hotel business.

L'Auberge Provencale is definitely over rated, overpriced & over the top. Not worth the trip out from Washington - go to Citronelles or City Zen instead.

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