Disappointed A review of Hyatt Dulles

We stayed here on 7/30 waiting to send home our grandson to Georgia. The reservation I made guaranteed me a suite with 2 double beds. When we checked in we were told they did not have any double beds and that they would fix the sofa or roll in a cot. We decided to go for the sofa. I felt it would be more comfortable. Wrong, my grandson is 13 and small for his age. It almost was to short. We had a kind size bed that was not very comfortable. All in all I guess I got my $79 worth. As they say you get what you pay for. We ate in the dining room. What a mistake. The food was not that great and we had 1 beer each with dinner and my grandson had rootbeer. Our bill was $134 and the service was terrible. We stayed on the way to pick up our guy at the Marriott Suites for the same price. What a difference. Will never stay at a Hyatt again. It was my first and last time. I will stay with the Marriott from now on.

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