Disappointed A review of Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments

The Goldsbrough is a bit of an anomaly. It is a well-restored historical building within easy walking distance of Darling Harbour, George Street and the Fish market but you do have to endure some pretty unattractive roads/ walkways to get there. The 2 bed apartment we stayed in was tastefully decorated in a manner in keeping with the style of the building with all the amenities that you could want. The bedrooms were located on the level below the living/ dining areas down some rather narrow but charming stairs which definitely gave a sense of being home from home and a good level of privacy. But the size of the building, means that there are a very large number of apartments on each floor (separated by an ugly, exposed and industrial corridor) which the rooms at the back of the apt. look out into. These rooms have no natural light and absorb all the noise and activity going on in the building. While the staff at the desk were very courteous and helpful our stay was marred by poor building management. The apt. was dirty when we checked in - the shower in the second bathroom was dirty and the floors and carpets didn't look as if they had been cleaned for months. The building seems to be occupied by a lot of young students and professionals, a small but significant number of whom would shout in the echo-ey corridors and be otherwise noisy late into the night giving the place a dormitory type ambiance. It's too bad the The Goldsbrough has these problems as the apartment itself is very charming and unique (if you don't use the back bedroom!) with a great location. I would probably choose not stay here again.

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