Disappointed... A review of Pullman Sydney Hyde Park

We stayed at the Sydney Marriott for 4 nights in Feb 2005 for our honeymoon. Unluckily, we did not find it that excellent like many reviews told us.

Good points:

(1) Very large rooms and bathrooms

(2) Good location

(3) Amenities were ok, but not excellent

Some bad points:

(1) The staff overall was mostly very unfriendly, only few exceptions for this. This was our first time in Australia and we liked the friendliness of the Australian people, but definitly not in this hotel!

(2) The pool is very small, dirty and cold, the spa was ok, but nothing special

(3) The bathrooms are very big, but also very old fashioned with very low water pressure.

(4) Some words to the in-room internet service: We tried to access the internet using our notebooks. Several times we cannot access the web but were charged for this time when we tried (we tried to connect for around 15 mins several times, but cannot get connected. The time when we tried was later charged to our bill). We complained to that to reception several times and also at checkout, but did not get any comment on this. Even overall this was just few money compared to the room price, we feel cheated for our money for this and keep a bad feeling for this hotel for this case.

(5) The online Bill Review using the tv does not mention every position you are charged. At checkout we were told that the bill review has several pages, but only the first page is available using the tv. The total sum showing in tv also just includes the first page.

In my eyes very unprofessional and not customer friendly.

Overall our bad points maybe are just minor complaints for most people, but it leaves a bad feeling of getting cheated and not treated the correct way as I expect by a so called 5 star hotel.

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