Disappointed A review of Hotel Derek Houston Galleria

We stayed at the Hotel Derek for two nights - granted, we checked in VERY late the first night - after midnight - but was treated very rudely by the desk clerk. She was EXTREMELY slow and inhospitable and was rude when I asked her to repeat information - her back was turned to me when she was giving me our room number. There were several extremely drunk people milling around the lobby - one person passed out in a chair. There was a problem with the heater in our room and it was freezing for most of the day - instead of switching us to another room, maintenance came (two guys) and pitched ladders and inspected the vents for thirty minutes. They climbed on the bed and were crawling all around the bathroom where personal items were. We had brunch in the morning; the service was OK - the prices not worth it. Overall, I would consider going back one more time for comparison, but it won't be anytime soon.

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Hotel Derek Houston Galleria
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