Dirty, Musty, Rusted Door locks A review of Hanalei Colony Resort

Resort it is not! Don't be fooled by the name. It is a condo complex with each unit individually owned. Therefore, some have been repaired from a bad storm that struck there several years ago and some have not.

It is up to each owner to conduct the repairs and maintenance of their place. The room was dirty, musty, moldy - if you are prone to allergies... stay away! We saw another unit but the lock on the sliding door did not work because it was rusted out from the salt in the air and had not been replaced. So how could they consciously rent it out?!?

If you think you can leave the doors unlocked here, think again...

someone had their jewelery stolen on the day the cleaning lady was in the room. The pool was nothing to look at and the spa was a cheap above ground whirlpool with about four jets total! It reaked of chemicals...

Don't forget that there are no phones and tv's here. We did not miss the TV but the phone was missed since we needed to make some reservations for dinner or tourist stuff. There is only one payphone on site in the side alley. If we had to go back, we would stay mid-island or South Shore. The weather seemed to always be better in those spots.

We had our best dinner and FRESH fish at the Blue Dolphin!!! Definitely stop in at this place. Breakfast at Bali Hai in Hanalei Bay Resort was really nice overlooking Hanalei Bay. There is also a great Friday night buffet dinner at the adjacent property which you will need to make reservations in advance. We also suggest the river tour combined with the Luau. Don't waste time on vacation club presentations unless you really want those freebees.

Hope this helps - we relied on the reviews here. If you really want to stay in the Hanalei bay area, try the Hanalei Bay Resort - prices are good and the resort is very beautiful.

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