Dirty and Disgusting A review of Travelodge Monaco/N Miami/Sunny Isles

My family stayed at the "Monoca Resort" , a grungey motel, for eight days. The hotel itself is small, old, run-down, ratty, and unkempt. The lobby is all right, but the rooms are dreadful.

The smoking rooms are nauseating, with rank, old, smelly carpet. The "kitchenette" is filthy. Their are cupboards full of dirty and dusty pots, plans, and plates. The coffee maker is repulsive. Their is even a sign on the wall, a disclaimer of sorts, stating that the pots and pans have not been properly sterilized. Instead of proper burners on the stove, there is some old tin foil where the burners should be. Their is a microwave, however. The fridge is old and smelly, yet works. The air conditioning unit on the wall is insulated with paper towels, and a sponge. It's absolutely ridiculous.

The green comforters are dirty, with mysterious white stains. The mattresses are extremely uncomfortable, the bed frame squeeks and shakes with every move. The pillows were good, however.

The bathroom was a nightmare. Peeling plaster on the bathtub, dirty. Be prepared to bring your own soap, and shampoo. During our stay, we had to go across the street to the Marshalls store and buy our own sheets and towels. We also went to the Walgreens pharmacy and bought shampoo and soap.

The only good thing about this motel, earning it two stars instead of one, was the beach. The hotel is located right on the beach. Through an arch off of the "courtyard", one can reach the beach very easily. It is a gorgeous beach. The only problem is that this cheap motel makes you pay for the lounges and mattresses and umbrellas. You have to rent them. It's cheaper to go across the street and buy your own umbrella and beach chair. This is just what we did, we spent 20 dollars on a very comfortable folding beach chair, instead of 24 for the uncomfortable wooden hotel one ($3 a day for 8 days). Also, we bought a fabulous beach umbrella for $12, renting it would also have costed $24. We brought these items home to New York with us too, so it was a good price, and the hotel is a rip off.

If you want a good vacation, on the same beach, spend the extra bit of money on a good hotel, there's a Sheraton Hotel and a Ramada Inn nearby.

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