Dining Room Service Inept, Arrogant A review of Crater Lake Lodge

The lodge is faithfully and carefully restored, and comfortable, if a bit spartan. No phone or TV in room. Food quality slightly above average. The reason for the lukewarn rating is the dining room staff, who range from clueless to comatose to sullenly defiant. Reservations for dinner need to be made at least 2 days in advance, unless you want to eat dinner at 5pm or 9pm. But even those who have reserved have to do more than merely show up on time and wait to be called. With reservations at 6:45pm, we waited nearby until about 7pm while she called out six other parties from her list. When I looked at her list, there was our name, skipped, while six after it were crossed off, having been called and seated. Why? "YOU didn't check in!" No apology, no regret. When did you tell us we had to do that? "Not my job. The front desk should have told you." OK, we're here, call us now. "Oh no. Two more parties CHECKED IN before you! They get to be called before you!" In manner, tone and choice of words, it was Nurse Ratched explaining ward rules to Jack Nichlson in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Next morning, toast ordered well buttered arrived at the end of the rest of the meal, dry and cold, with no regret, acknowledgement or apology. At another meal the apparent sole purpose of the event was for us as patrons to admire the lame streak of wildly overfamiliar and totally unsolicitaed wisecracks of the server. The refreshing exception: The last evening our dinner server (Steven) actually carried out the role of a professional, efficient and gracious waiter, which service we, at this point so pathetically grateful for adequate treatement, giddily acknowledged with a 25% gratuity.

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