Didn't meet my expectations A review of Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel

Stayed here several nights for a family reunion. I have stayed at other area hotels but never before had a chance to stay at this one.

I have my SPG member number at the time of the reservation, and although I don't stay a huge number of nights at Sheraton's i would have expected to get a better room at check-in. Most of the hotel's guest rooms have balconies. I did not get one of those. My room, although nicely decorated in Sheraton's current trends, was small to the point of being cramped and i've seen larger bathrooms on airplances.

The lobby bar seemed to have no regular hours of operation. None we posted and i couldn't figure any out during my stay. There appeared to be another bar adjacent to the restaurant but it appeared not to be open during my stay.

The restaurant was odd. The room was far to large for the few tables there and the presence of banquet chairs for seating lead me to believe that it might be undergoing remodeling although there was not signage to confirm this. The menu was very sparce as was the service. There is no explanation for a lack of service when there are only three customers in the place.

The only thing that made my stay tolerable was that my group was extended a rate well below what their normal rate and a better rate could not be found at a hotel of comparable standing in the area. If I had been paying their transient rate I would have been more upset than i was.

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