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I was staying on the atol and called for a pickup. The French heritage of these islands shines through in the people's abruptness. The person in charge of arranging the boat rides gave me the wrong time to be picked up. I showed up at the time requested by them, as they are not flexible at all, and they had already come for the one pick up time that eve, so I missed the boat. I called the person in charge of the pickups and he was so rude, I could hardly believe I was speaking with a representative of a Pearl Beach Resort. I speak fluent French. His comment: "Tant pis pour vous." Too bad for you. We will not come back to pick you up so you can visit our resort. some other time" Or never I think to myself.

Tikehau is pretty boring if you don't dive and forget snorkeling, the lagoon is murky, no corals to speak of and no anemones at all, no soft corals at all. Scared fish unless they are fed by hotel staff. Only great thing is diving at the pass, but all the diving is in the same area so after two days you have seen it. Rangi is a hop and skip away and you'd go there next for two days and then off to Morea and Bora Bora. You can do the whole Tahitian experience in one week. If you are restless certainly. If you know how to slow down to Tahitian speed, extremely slow and lazy then you might be able to hang for 10 days. If the weather is great ok, but if windy and rainy forget it you'll go out of your mind. Unfortunately I did. Best months: July Thru Sept. I went Oct and got hit with stormy weather. But the weather is unpredictable and that can happen any time. For the money I'd say do it once. Get the T shirt, get the hat, go home.

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