Did not sleep, beware of reception parties A review of Meadowbrook Inn & Suites

Unless you are a large group of late night types who make lots of noice, get drunk, etc avoid this hotel... I looked for the best hotel and reserved a month in advance the best room I could afford, a VIP suite at nearly $200 a night. I reasoned such a expensive hotel and room would be spacious, clean, and quiet affording my children a good night's sleep away from home. Bottom line is the registration clerk put a family with 2 small children in the middle of a all night wedding reception. The deck to the bar was below our bedroom window and there was a reception hall across from our room. We tried to put the children down for a nap but the noise below on the bar deck was too loud. Dont get room 308! 11pm the reception room must have let out because lots of people filled the hallway making lots of noise. We tried to sleep and by 1:30am I called the front desk to try to put a stop to it. The party goers then came up to their rooms located next to ours, you can imagine the noise of countless drunks entering their rooms. We moved our 3 year old to the bedroom with me and turned the fan on the AC to create white noise. The units are located in the rooms and make lots of noice. I put in ear plugs. At 2:30 am the bar deck was still entertaining guests and drunks were now running through the halls and pounding on doors. I called the front desk again. I assume the bar closed and they cleared off the deck. The bar staff then cleaned the deck off making noise for another 30 minutes. My wife slept on the couch cushions that we moved into the bedroom near the loud AC unit. I never went to sleep and my wife was able to get a few hours sleep. The children woke at their usual time of 6:30am.

The manager indicated he can't control all his guests, in reality he can't control any of them since it will affect the profit of the hotel in regard to entertaining large parties. I don't like being lied to, I don't like condescending attitudes in a business that is supposed to offer a nice environment for its guests. This hotel caters to the large groups since they bring in lots of revenue in hotel rooms, bar tabs, services, and restraurant orders. The little family is sacrificed in the face of huge profits. I think its fare to say the hotel whores itself to these large groups. Ask first if there are any weddings or large groups staying their on the dates of your vacation ! There was 3 during mine. They have advertisements even in the elevators (they are very slow so you have time to read) soliciting for large groups. That was the first clue.

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