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I have to disagree with the other reviews. We stayed at Luna Beach Resort for our honeymoon this August, and left after two days because we could not stand it. I admit that we did not go there for diving, but Roatan is recommended for snorkelers and beachgoers, too. The first thing is that the hotel does not have a shuttle service, which one might expect for a $100 per night hotel. We arrived in the evening around 7, and well, the bar and restaurant were closed. This turned out to be an every day thing, and is not what you expect on a honeymoon. (One of the barkeepers told us that the American owner does not trust the local workers and this is why it closes so early) Also, we noticed a really bad smell, which supposedly comes from mosquito spraying, but my guess it comes from all the feces in the parrot cage (although I admit I never went to close to that cage). The biggest problem became apparent when we got up the next morning: Luna Beach does not have a beach. The small strip in front of the hotel is used as a road, and plenty of vehicles passed right in front of my toes (see pics of beach). It is true that you can walk to West End, but once you come back to Luna (after walking 10 minutes on a pitch black beach road), there is zero things to do. No drinks at the bar, and a fridge to rent is 5$ a day. Fed up, we left after two days and found a new, clean place in West Bay. Luna Beach's owner, however, refused to refund us for the time we did not stay at the hotel, and he probably even cashed in the money twice with new guests. I had booked with TropicalRez, and while Sandra was friendly, they said that there was nothing they could for us (I would think that since a lot of booking comes through them, they should have means to pressure a resort that treats people this way). Well, these are the disadvantages of booking online, where most places now try to charge you upfront. If you don't like the place, you're stuck. It took me three months to get to writing this because we used to live in New Orleans and our house just got destroyed. I also want to add that we're laid back and in our twenties, and like to hang out. TropicalRez now does not even respond to my emails anymore. Thus, I cannot recommend Luna Beach, nor TropicalRez. Go elsewhere!

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Luna Beach Resort
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