Did not have time to clean my room A review of ABode Canterbury

This has to be the worst experience of a hotel ever!

I checked in at 10pm only to be told that the car park was not finished and I had to park about half a mile away. When I commented that this was not a good service I was promptly told that it was down to the person that booked it - As this was me I asked if I was to blame - The internet should have told me - I was made to feel that because the car park was not finished it was in some way my fault....

The rooms are nice and the beds are amazingly comfy - However, the bathrooms are tiny and the shower weak and not at all a plus point for the hotel.

The breakfast is dull and service is very bad - You have to ask for everything two to three times before you can get anthing and throughout the experience you are made to feel as though it is your fault for asking where the coffee is that you ordered 20 mins ago!

We went out for the day and when I returned at 3pm the room was not cleaned - I phoned andwas told it would be done later - When I again returned at 7pm it was still not done so I had to clean the room myself and ask for new towels as we were in a rush to get out. I asked why the room had not been cleaned and was given a 'forgot' answer.

I then got back to the hotel at 1am and went to the bar for a drink with friends - I was told that the machines that served tea had been turned off so I could not even get a cup of tea - No fear, my girlfriend went to the room to do the task that the hotel found so difficult to manage, flick the kettle on and make a tea - When my girlfriend returned the 'hotel staff' managed to also flick one on and make a brew without even telling us they were doing so and then tried to charge me for it stated that they had in fact done a tea and therefore wanted 'paying'.

I can honestly say that I have never had an experience in a hotel like this - I would have had better service if I pitched a tent on the high street and taken my chances.

Dear Abode - I shall never darken yourdoorstep again!!!

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