Did not get our money's worth. A review of Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort

This hotel is trying to "renovate" but their look still "old". They are a bunch of cheapos, trying to squeeze every penny out of you (these guys do not believe in customer satisfaction). Do not leave your car with the valet person. They charge you $6/day but you can go in/out as many times you want during the day -- because of their arrogance do not give them tips until they change their attitute. You can self park across the street, a bit an inconvenience but it's not bad.The rooms are old looking. We asked for a non-smoking room and got otherwise. We complained and got an air purifier (so much for customer satisfaction).

The windows are as old as the building so the wind might keep you awake, specially if you are on the 10th floor. The sheets are old, too.The "famous" pier is a nasty structure. There are people fishing 24/7 and they clean and gut their fishes on the pier so they leave a mess on certain parts of the pier. Lastly since there are people at the end of the pier 24/7 it started to smell like a public bathroom.Their beach is not super clean, the hotel tries to maintain it clean so I give them credit for this. Things we did not like was the cigarrete butts all over the place, plastic wraps in the water and plastic bottle caps in the sand. Water temperature is a lot warmer than San Francisco, that's for sure.To top it off, we asked for a late check-out but they wanted to charge us $50 for a 2PM check-out. What a joke, out of all the hotels around the world that we have been to this was a joke to us.

And when we tried to check out towels at the pool they "reminded" us that we were supposed to check out at 10AM (we corrected the towel attendat that the official check-out time was 11AM) otherwise is $10 to use their towels.Overall, I would not recommend this hotel to anybody.

You have to drive through a tough neighborhood (when you go through 826). Then the hotel is old, and their customer service is terrible. We paid too much per night plus tax and resort fee, personally speaking we did not get our money's worth. If you have to go to Miami, check out Fort Lauderdale/Pomano beach area. The beaches over there are not that great either but the area seemed nicer when we drove by.

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