Des Moines best kept secret A review of Renaissance Savery Hotel

The Renaissance Savory Hotel is a wonderful place to stay for a long or short term visit. Due to the age of the hotel, it makes it a very unique place to stay with tons of history from the WAC's in WWII to the Speakeasy known as Monihan's. Also because of the age of the building, there are many different room types available which is nice when traveling alone or with the family. The service from room service, front desk staff, and especially the bell staff was unbeleiveable. All they care about is the guest and their needs, from my stays there i've found out why they wear a white "WIT" button on their uniform, it stands for "Whatever it Takes" they go above and beyond to make sure that the guests have a lovely stay. The Renaissance Savory hotel is a beautiful place to stay and i will definatly go stay there whenever i'm in Des Moines.

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Renaissance Savery Hotel
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