Delightful Gem A review of Copper Queen Hotel

What a find! We like rare, one-of-a-kind historical places and this certainly qualifies. This hotel has always been kept in good condition.

It doesn't give you the feeling of needing help. And it doesn't feel like it's been fixed up either! That's quite hard to do. We like it.

We'll be back.

The room was spotless and well decorated. The bed was comfortable. I loved the chocolate chip cookies waiting for us in the room.

What was wrong? The reception. This is why we rated this hotel "Above Average" instead of "Excellent." We were treated impersonally. I don't like impersonal treatment. Reception is the responsibility of management.

To add to the unfriendly reception, as the 2:00 pm check-in time came and went, the rooms were not available. It was July 4th weekend. The hotel was completely full and apparently no one had the foresight to put on extra cleaning staff. All of the in-coming guests had to mill around in the lobby and the bar an extra hour waiting for their room.

Keys didn't come down as the rooms were ready. They made everybody wait until they released them all at once. They could have offered a complimentary soft drink or coffee to offset the inconvenience, and, they could have given out keys as the rooms were ready.

The swimming pool had very COLD water. It was HOT and July, but the swimming pool was so cold my wife wouldn't go in. An investment in solar swimming pool heaters is in order.

We did, overall have a marvelous time. The hotel, being the historical gem that it is, offset the bad taste of the impersonal reception.

It was a good breakfast replete with Starbucks Coffee and homemade biscuits. We have already made reservations to go back.

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