Delightful and Refreshing A review of Hotel Palomar Dallas - A Kimpton Hotel

I can't tell you how delighted I was with our recent stay at Hotel Palomar. This was our first visit to a Kimpton property and I must say...we were very pleased!

I booked online with their website and then emailed some requests prior to our arrival (we wanted to try out their "tall" room since my husband is 6'4", we were traveling with another party and even though we weren't staying in the same room type, we wanted to be located on the same floor (if possible), and we wanted to take advantage of having a goldfish in each of our rooms). All of these requests were met and handled prior to us checking in and the cute little goldfish were waiting for us when we arrived in the room. Although these types of requests aren't that demanding and should be handled seamlessly, I can't tell you how many times my husband and I have requested something prior to our arrival that isn't where it should be and we spend time either trying to track the item(s) down or re-requesting them. It was very refreshing to stay somewhere where the employees seem to have their act together and make it right for the guest...the first time.

The room was quite spacious (although in our room, the tall room, the extra long King bed took up an additional 18 inches which made walking across the room a bit more difficult since there was not much space between the end of the bed and the TV), and beautifully decorated. There was a little sitting area in our room (we were in an Executive King) and a nice sized desk. The bed was very comfy and the TV was amazing. We don't currently own a LCD/Plasma flat screen TV (although my husband really wants one) and after enjoying the one in the room, I don't know why we don't. It was an incredible treat to watch it. We checked out on Super Bowl Sunday and I was very sad I wouldn't get to watch the game on a TV like that!

The bathroom was also nicely decorated and they had really nice L'Occitane toiletries. Housekeeping could have stocked/re-stocked our towel supply a little more readily and consistently but other than that, it was really nice. They also have fun robes in the rooms (ours were a Cheetah print) and they were very comfy. If that type of décor would fit in our house, I think I may even have purchased one!

The restaurant they have on property, 214, was really good. We ate lunch there the first day and we all had fantastic meals and breakfast/brunch on Sunday was also amazing. It appears the bar in the restaurant is quite the hot spot on the weekends. Although we didn't go in those nights, they bar/lounge area seemed to be hopping as we were coming and going each night.

The spa they have on property, Exhale, was amazing. The person I booked our massage appointments with was very knowledgeable and helpful and even though I called two days out to see if I could get four massage appointments scheduled around the same time, she was incredibly accommodating and friendly. The reminder phone call I received the day prior to the appointments was also very professional and courteous. All four of us enjoyed our massages (two of us rated them as 'fantastic') and I have to massage was the best I've ever had (my massage therapist was Julian). I swear, had we not had plans the next day I probably would have booked another one!

The employees we encountered were all very pleasant and friendly. I never once got the feeling I was interrupting something far more important (which seems to be the norm at some hotels these days) and they always seemed to go out of their way to offer assistance. The concierge gave us an outstanding recommendation one morning for breakfast and the valet attendants were always offering ideas/suggestions for us also. For example, we went to a Mavericks game Saturday night and decided to take a taxi so we wouldn't have to deal with parking. As we were waiting for the taxi, the valet attendant told us about DART and how there was a DART station right across from the hotel and we could pick it up just past the parking lot at the American Airlines Center after the game. We had never used DART before and it was nice to know there was another alternative for our return after the game. We ended up using DART after the game and not only got back to the hotel quicker than in the taxi, it was also cheaper!

I highly recommend Hotel Palomar!

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