Definitely worth the price A review of Ibis Praha Old Town

We stayed here for two nights while visiting Prague and were pleased with our stay. I don't know where the first review writer stayed, but our room was new and modern and both the room and the bathroom were very clean. The bathrooms looked new and as if they hadn't been used ever. This makes sense considering the hotel opened up only a few months ago. We thought it was slightly higher than a 3 star hotel rating that it has. The second reviewer is right, however, when he spoke of the construction. The second night we stayed, we were placed on a side where it could only be heard faintly so it wasn't a problem at all. I would just when you get there to be placed as far away from the outside construction as possible. We did encounter a problem on the first night we were there. There was banging which was in the building and when we called twice, the front desk first thought it was the outside construction and then thought it was coming from construction on the 9th floor. We knew neither was possible because we were on the 4th floor and could tell it was right below or above us. My bf investigated and found workmen on the 3rd floor. We complained since we are late sleepers and do not expect to be woken up so early by going ons in the actual building (the construction outside cannot be helped) and we asked to see the manager. We were compensated for the portion of the night we lost and placed in a new room. In response to the 'hostile' staff. I think you mistake cultural differences as someone being rude to you. The staff were as nice as I needed them to be. I don't expect them to hold my hand for me and treat me like i'm a queen. Also, the bar at the hotel is always busy. It seemed to be a major socializing place at night for all ages.

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