Decent place for the price A review of Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas

I read most of the reviews prior to our trip in early May & was unsure of what to think. I decided that I would go in with an open mind. I really do not have much to complain about our stay. We were there for 4 nights - which is just about the right amount of time to do what you need to do. We didn't leave the resort, except to partake in the Booze and Cruise ($50 & worth it...for 5 hours, snorkeling, private beach, lunch & drinks). The activities are the same everyday (with a few exceptions - mainly the evening entertainment). The good thing about that is if you missed something one day you can catch it the next day, the bad thing is once you've tried everything you wanted to try there is not much else to do. It is relaxing...the pools were clean (except the pool with the lounge chairs in it). There was always a place to sit. The gave you beach towels too. The beach was not very clean (a lot of sea weed and some trash). I recommend wearing shoes on the beach (or be very careful when walking). The staff was friendly & as most people mention do not accept tips. The Pastafari restaurant is very good & the portions were enormous. The cafeteria style restaurant was okay. The midnight buffet was just left overs from during the day (so not really worth it). The outdoor grill was good. They did not skimp on the alcohol in the drinks either!!! The rooms were a good size and were clean (although you know it is not "new"). The bed is HUGE!!!! The balcony is hardly worth mentioning (it literally is standing room only). The cable TV was rarely working (lots of channels listed & we normally only got the basic networks) - however, we were hardly watching TV. The room did smell a little musty when you walked in, but it was not so noticeable once you were in there, although I did feel that the room was damp (which is probably why the room smelled musty). Overall, we had a very excellent time. You can make it as active or relaxing as you like. Some of the rev

staff "forced" you to participate in activities, however there was one day where we did nothing but sit in the shade. I would probably not go back again, but only because I felt we had done everything we could there. I would recommend other people to go to Breezes though. It was relaxing & just the break we needed from our busy lives.

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