Decent hotel in a good location A review of Hotel Chambord

I did a fair bit of research to find somewhere medium-priced and in a nice part of Brussels and this hotel didn't disappoint. It is right by a metro station, so you can literally walk out of the station and into the hotel. It's in an area in the nicer side of Brussels, the upper part of the city, (as opposed to the lower area around the main railway station where the Eurostar terminates, which is really seedy and not pleasant to walk through even in daylight), near to the music museum and a large art gallery, and a 15-20 min walk to the Grand Place. The Chambord is also in a street with plenty of places to eat, including a supermarket which is open late, and a very nice American/Mexican restaurant, which is handy if you are vegetarian as it's generally hard to find vegetarian food in Brussels, though many of the Belgian restaurants do offer vegetarian options.

Inside the hotel, the desk is open 24 hours and the staff there were friendly. There are 6 floors but there is a reasonable lift, small (maybe 4 people would get in at a time) but it works fine. The double room we were in was VERY small, enough room to walk around the bed and that was about it, but it was clean and tidy, and the bathroom was very modern and clean as well.

One disappointment was that the mini-bar was actually the bottom of a wardrobe, which meant the drinks weren't cold! We also found on arrival that there were a couple of drinks missing from the 'mini-bar' which we reported immediately, but they were fine about it on the desk and replaced the drinks later that day.

Another reviewer also mentioned having windows that looked out towards other people's windows - we had this too. If you have a room on the inside of the hotel you do get some daylight but the windows look out into a kind of tube shaped open area in the middle of the hotel, so you can look up at the sky, down onto the ground or across at lots of windows that surround the tube in a circle which is about 2 or 3 metres wide. But there were net curtains to maintain our privacy, and we didn't spend much time indoors in the day time so it wasn't really a problem.

They had a very nice breakfast room as well, with an enormous buffet of all you would probably want to eat for breakfast, very nicely laid out and you could just help yourself and sit wherever you liked. NB you need to arrive early to be able to have hot food in the morning.

In summary, if you want a hotel in a nice part of the city, which is clean and well maintained, within easy walking distance to the metro and to the centre of Brussels, this one would suit you well. It serves more as a base to explore from than somewhere you would want to relax for ages, but if that's all you need then it's fine. I'm hoping to go back to explore a bit more of Brussels and would definitely stay there again.

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