Decent enough. A review of Radisson Hotel at Cross Keys

I stayed at the Radisson (Cross Key) in Baltimore in July of 2005. I found the hotel to be pleasant enough. My room was clean. The beds were comfortable - and there were plenty of blankets and towels.

I do have a few "complaints" though. I specifically requested a non-smoking room. While walking to my "non-smoking" room, I noticed that some rooms clearly had non-smoking signs on them. When I reached my particular wing, I noticed that these non-smoking signs disappeared. My room seemed to be non-smoking. I didn't see ashtrays. I didn't smell smoke - but that was because of some kind of deodorizer that had been sprayed in there. My complaint is that the wing allowed smoking. Other than my first night, I could very distinctly smell cigarette smoke coming into my room. Maybe it was through the vents - I'm not sure. But when you wake up at 7:30 am and it smells like someone is smoking in the room with you, it's not pleasant. If you stay at this hotel, and you want a non-smoking room, you should request to be on the non-smoking "wing".

My only other complaints were relatively minor. One is that there were not a lot of TV channels. The other is that there was no continental breakfasts included with the hotel stay. I would have expected continental breakfast because this hotel is not cheap.

The hotel was very convenient to Inner Harbor. I could drive there in about 10 minutes. The hotel also has a free shuttle to Inner Harbor, but I did not use that service. I found parking in Inner Harbor for $10 a day as long as you arrived before 10:00 am.

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