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We were charged $150 for the night. I was completely taken aback upon arrival to discover a ramshackle run-down building with construction projects going on everywhere the eye fell. Our room smelled musty and had cobwebs and dim lighting. Now, some people might like this kind of atmosphere, but I couldn't stand it. We didn't check out, because we would have lost $75. But, I'm warning you -- the website gives no indication of the shape it is in. And by the way, it's probably haunted.

We have put accurate photos on our web site. We certainly do not want to mislead anyone. Photos, like everything, are subjective. People see what they want to see. Yes, we realize that things can look pretty disorganized sometimes, but many people return year after year just to see the progress we have made.

The sea air is extremely heavy with moisture. We are putting dehumidifiers everywhere because the salt air causes "sea smells" that people do not understand. This only happens occasionally, but being 200 feet from the ocean at sea level means living with sea air.

Our rooms are clean and inviting, not "creepy". The rooms are, of course, cleaned daily. We try to have no cobwebs, but sometimes its quite a battle. We use organic bug spray. I would have been happy to deal with them. I hate them as you seem to.

I'm sorry you were not satisfied. I firmly believe that Inns are different and that visitors need to research the Inns and pick the one that fits them. Yes, we are different. I would not have it any other way. A guest can look at what is under construction, or at what is finshed. We are the only Inn I know of where you can walk for hours through the hills and redwoods on completely clean trails with no litter or debris. We may have ongoing work, but we offer a unique experience.

I do not believe in ghosts and certainly do not allow them here on our lovely farm. I do believe in this very particluar instance I would have returned your money, and not help you to our cancelation policy.

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Howard Creek Ranch
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