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My husband and I just returned from a long-weekend trip to Prague and decided to stay in the brand-new Courtyard Prague-Flora Hotel. Overall, this hotel was was very nice. I have made a few individual comments below.


The hotel is not is the Centrum area. It is a more residential or business area and is a little quieter. Don't let this dissuade you... one the best features of the mall is that it is situated directly across from the Palace Flora mall and the Flora metro station. The 3+ story mall is open 7 days a week and houses a grocery store, a drug store, a pharmacy + the normal mall-type stores.

Accessibility to local transport:

The Flora stop is on the Green metro line (or line A) and is only 3-5 stops to the downtown tourist district - depending on where you are going. The National Museum is 3 stops, the square is 4 stops, and the bridge is 5 stops.

There are also tram lines and bus stops in front of the mall, but since we didn't use these, you'll have to wait for another travelor's feedback on their usefulness.


The restaurant is cozy and well staffed. We ate both breakfast and dinner at the restaurant.

The breakfast was very diverse; a little something for all tastes (cereals, breads, pastries, eggs, breakfast meats, french toast, asian varieties, etc). I would send one word of caution... unless your hotel rate includes breakfast or you have Marriott seniority, I would suggest not eating your breakfast at the hotel. It is very, very expensive. The cost for a hot breakfast (around Kc500) was higher than a full course dinner in the tourist district downtown.

The dinner was terrific and better priced. Dinners are served with a bread basket that is phenomenal! The menu is not large, but it is diverse enough to fit various meal preferences and appetite sizes.


The rooms were very nice; in fact, they were nicer than many of the full service Marriotts that I have visited over the last couple of years. The rooms we stayed in had the normal hotel things, plus a safe and refigerator. I only had two small beefs with the room itself... first, the only mirrors were in the bathroom and second, there are no electric outlets in the bathroom (except the razor outlet). For those of us that use electric gadgets (curling iron, etc) when getting ready, this was a nuisance. Plus, the nearest outlet was in the hallway and too far for the cord to reach. And due to no mirrors in the hallway, one couldn't see what one was doing!

Concierge Service:

It was very obvious that the hotel has "arrangements" with local eateries, etc. We asked for a dinner recommendation and were suggested to go to a place not too far away. When we inquired about other options, we were told that we should just go to this place because the hotel had a special relationship with it.

What was funny is that the place turned out to be a pub and when we presented our very official looking Courtyard referral card to the host, he seated us and immediately balled up the referral card and tossed it in the trash.

Transportation (by taxi):

The hotel has some very nice black transport cars available almost all of the time; however, they are expensive. We took an airport cab to the hotel and even after getting lost a little (since the hotel was new, the driver didn't know exactly where it was) and taking a slight detour, the fare was only around Kc500. When we took the hotel transit cars, there was no cab meter and it was a flat rate of Kc 790. There is a cab line next to the Mall (across the street), and I would suggest using these if you need a ride.

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