Could/Should be much better! A review of Miracle Springs Hotel and Spa

I should know we have been going to this Hotel for five years. This is not a resort but more like a Holiday inn, My complaints are: the blankets are ALWAYS worn out and ratty almost in tatters a disgusting brown color. The Sunday Brunch is horrible, cheap food and not enough of it, they ALWAYS run out by 12:30,service has been bad to worst at times. One time we told them we refused to pay for brunch if they didn't refill the food trays. But if you have kids you just kind of go with the flow to feed them and get on with the day. Bar is part of open cafe no big deal ,drinks are $$ But no choice as the town of Hot Springs is a run down pit. However your drive to Palm Springs is straight down only about 10 to 15 minutes away with lots of resturants but if you just want to hang out at the hotel your kind of stuck. There is a Wal mart and Mcdonalds and 7-11 that is about it for the town. The mineral pools are awsome but not always as clean as they could/should be. The grounds are being made better with lots of flowers and they are landscaping better and no trash. The view of the mountains is awsome from every pool sometimes snow is on the mt. caps. Sometimes there are groups of people and it is crowded and then your in hell but sometimes we have had the place just for us and very peaceful time, just the luck of the draw. The rooms do have matching decor wallpaper and pictures etc and fridg but be sure to ask to make sure you get a fridg you'll need it for snacks and drinks. The pools are open 24 hrs and are very warm to hot so we go there for that reason and go out to the casinos in Palm Springs at night that is a real good time. The price is based on what they can get out of you. I never have a treatment so I can't speak for that The mineral pools are plenty for us.

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