Could have been better... A review of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Spokane City Center

We were in Spokane for a graduation. It was our first time there, and we chose the Doubletree because of the location. The location is very convenient, as it is adjacent to the Opera House and the river runs behind the hotel. There are many things within walking distance, which is a plus. We ate dinner at Spencer's, which is a steakhouse in the hotel. It was a bit pricey, but the food was very good. The service was excellent, too.

We did have some problems during our stay. The first thing we found was that parking was a problem. The parking lot was small due to construction next door, it seems. We would have just had the car valet parked, but there were no valet to be found (despite signs indicating otherwise). After finally locating parking, we checked in and headed for the room. The hotel is somewhat dated, but they have made an attempt to take care of it. When we arrived at our room, the key didn't work. I proceeded back to the front desk, where they reprogrammed the card and told me to "Call down if I have problems again". Naturally, I did have problems again. I used the courtesy phone down the hall and they sent someone up right away. He literally beat on the key card device, and said, "Must be the batteries". However, he managed to jar it back into place so it worked. He assured me he would be returning later on to replace the batteries.

The room was very small, and the bathroom had only one sink. There was a coffee pot on the tiny bathroom counter, though. The bed was comfortable, but again, everything was old.

The following day, we were to attend graduation. Upon returning and before our dinner reservation down the street, the key card didn't work (again). This time, security happened to wander by, and I asked him for assistance. He tried about 10 things, none of which worked. He called "engineering" who came up and stated, "Must be the batteries". I told him that the exact same thing occurred the day before. He said he was sorry. He finally got me into the room (about 25 minutes later) where I had planned on changing clothes. However, because of the battery problem, he told me he was going to fix it right then. I asked him how long it would take; he said around 30 minutes. I didn't have time to wait around and didn't want to change clothes in the tiny bathroom with a strange man outside the door. I had to leave him there, door wide open, and hope that he was an honest fellow (he was, fortunately).

Finally, last but not least, remember the tiny parking lot that was overcrowded and almost impossible to find space in? Well, they charged us $5/night for SELF-PARKING. We're not talking about New York City here. This is downtown Spokane, WA.

Now, I'm relatively easy to please, but when things don't work right, they should be fixed. This hotel was one inconvenience after another. Good thing it's well-located, or they wouldn't have any guests.

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