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Stayed here for 8 days at the end of June with my husband and two children. We had a reservation for a oceanfront room. They let us check in early at 2:00. I asked for a room with a private balcony (a few rooms have no divider between the balcony) They said no problem and gave us our keys and free continental breakfast tickets. We went up to the room, (which was on the 3rd. floor) to check it out first. The room's balcony was semi private, a divider on one side only. Plus the carpet looked badly stained in the room and the balcony wall had green on it. (From the sea air??) Went back to the front desk and told them it was a semi private balcony, they apologized and gave us a new room on the second floor. We went up to check it out first and it was alot better than the first room. Carpet had no stains and the balcony was totally private. (And no green!) The room was in good condition except for one part of the wall paper by the front door was starting to peel. Our room had two double beds an armoire with a tv and a small table with two chairs. The mattresses are very old and when you lay on them you totally sink in!!!!! The whole wall facing the ocean is a huge sliding glass door, which by the way was looked like it had not been cleaned for months!!!!! (Kinda stupid if you ask me since that is the best part of the room, and the reason you shell out the big bucks for it!!!!) Went out and bought some Windex & paper towels from CVS which is not too far away. Let's just say when the glass door is clean the view from the room is breathtaking!!!!! (It was never cleaned by housekeeping the whole time we were there. I had to clean it) Out on the balcony you have two plastic green chairs and a matching small end table. The balcony is a good size and overlooks the boardwalk. Called down to the front desk to ask for extra pillows, when they arrived one of them had a brown liquid stain on it (Ewww!!!) and my husband handed it back to the man who brought it and was like "Could we get a CLEAN pillow????" Three mornings there was no hot water, so we had to wait untill mid day or night to get showers. (Not too great when you have plans for the day!!) Each time I would call down to tell them there was no hot water, they would apologize and say it would take a couple of hours to fix, but no one would bother to let anyone know when it was back up and running. Housekeeping would come in everyday and change the sheets and give us clean towels and that was about it!!! The bathroom was NEVER cleaned while we were there. (THAT WAS 8 DAYS, so back to CVS to buy cleaning products for the bathroom!!) I also had to leave a note for them to please vacuum the floor! (CVS didn't sell vacuums! LOL It was vacuumed once, two days after we got there, but then that was it till I wrote the note, and I did leave a tip for housekeeping EVERY day.) The end stairwell had beer bottles in it from the time we checked in to the time we checked out. NOBODY PICKED THEM UP!!!! The middle stairwell was very dirty but they were painting it while we were there. The continental breakfast consists of toast, one kind of cereal, mini muffins, donut holes, melon, cantalope, sour oj and rank coffee. (We ended up getting our coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts down the road a few blocks.) The waitress was nice and there is a young boy who works there who was GREAT, really nice and would get you anything you needed. They have two outdoor pools, one is heated, that's the one we went to. Nice pool, lots of lounge chairs and tables with umbrella's. Music is piped into the area which was nice. The kiddie pool was gross, diefinitely needed to be cleaned!!!!!! So if you stay here you should definitely check the room out first and you might want to bring some cleaning products. I know the people who got our room after us probably had the cleanest room in the hotel!

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