Cosy , Lovely and Gorgeous A review of Iron Gate Hotel & Suites

We stayed at the Iron Gate for 3 nights at the end of Jan and absolutely loved it . The location was excellent, the staff very friendly and kind ,it was

a joy to stay there.

I think the set up they have there is the way forward for hotels . The building is beautifully restored, the rooms were very spacious ( we had a royal studio ) , our friends` had a suite and that was lovely too.

The little kitchenette is ideal and the fact that you can choose DVD`s at no charge is lovely. We have previously stayed at the `Amethyste `and the `Palace Hotel `but this was our favourite a little more private and just had that something special that you just can`t put your finger on .

The only improvement I can think of would be to have a Sauna/steam room

that would make it even more desirable .

We will definitely be going back and I would recommend this hotel to anyone - it makes other places feel alittle bit boring

Can`t wait to go again next year

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Iron Gate Hotel & Suites
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