Cool retreat A review of The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands

This was a welcome respite from the heat and humidity of Penang. It was exceedingly English which was a bit weird but pleasant nevertheless. We stayed in the honeymoon suite which is still really cheap, cavernous in size and with the funkiest bathroom I have ever seen, which was almost as big as the bedroom!

This room is at the front of the hotel, although set on its own little hill away from the main building. The road at the front of the hotel could be a little noisy during the morning 'rush' hour, but certainly not intrusively so. The food was pleasant, but not very adventurous, consisting of modern european cuisine. There is not a whole lot to do in/round the hotel so either bring a big book or someone in who's company you are at ease. There are 3 small towns relatively nearby, but you have to be pretty brave to eat in any of the local places there, although we suffered no ill effects at all. There are some reasonably well maked trails to walk, but remember to take loads of water.

This is a great place to do nothing at all. I was happy to spend ages just staring out of the window! One word of caution though - there is no lake!! There is a moderate size puddle, nothing more. Apparently it got silted up about 40 years ago, which is a shame because I bet it was quite scenic.

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The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands
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