Consider yourself warned... A review of Millennium Maxwell House Nashville

This past weekend I attended my cousin's wedding at the hotel. We also stayed there for the weekend. I was looking forward to getting out of the city and enjoying some southern charm. Upon arriving to the airport, we called the complimentary shuttle service that runs every 10 minutes. We waited about 50 minutes before the shuttle showed. We were understanding until the driver stated that he had just been dispatched 10 minutes ago. We arrived at the hotel at around 5pm. At check in we were told that our room wasn't ready. Instead of giving us an estimated time and offering us a drink in the bar, the very rude front desk person pretty much just ignored us. I asked to speak to the manager, but was informed she was away. After about 1 hour, a lady, who identified herself as the manager spoke to us. She had been sitting there the whole time and obviously didn't view us as important guests. After 2 hours, we finally checked into our room. Might I add, they didn't even offer to store our luggage.

The rooms are set up horribly. The vanity is outside the bathroom and is terribly small. It only allows one person to get ready. Not to mention, it has the worst lighting ever. I found it almost impossible to put make up on. I moved to the desk and had to remove the lampshades to try and get some actual light.

During my shower the tub didn't drain, so I was stuck standing in a couple inches of water. Our A/C also broke down during our stay. And this just didn't happen in my room, many of my family members also experienced similar situations.

All in all, I was disappointed with the hotel. The pool area was fairly nice and the rooms are decorated fairly decent, but the service of the staff was beyond poor. This hotel has some serious problems and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Coming from a hotel background, I know what customers fairly deserve and this hotel didn't come close to meeting any normal standards of even an average hotel.

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