Consider professional help if this resort doesn't please you! A review of Marriott Kauai Resort

Our family ended a two week island vacation with three days in Kauai.

We stayed at the Marriott in Lihue which was the perfect resort for a

relaxing conclusion to our trip. We did not rent a car here as we

planned on just kicking back poolside/beachside.

If you fly into Lihue, the Marriott has a shuttle right at the airport and it is a very short distance to the hotel. They will take care of everything. Since we have 4 children this was helpful. Check-in is a breeze and we found the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable.

The grounds at this hotel were well-kept and lovely. If you are a

gardener you will be green with envy. The pool is large and

well-maintained as you would expect. The pool service was excellent.

Prices were reasonable. As for the food, it was just fine. Remember,

you are at a resort, not Charlie Trotters. If you are so into food then

maybe this isn't the right place for you but we were happy with both

quality and service. Avoid the Italian restaurant across the street.

Food, service and wine list is a total joke!

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