Conrad...okay, but not as good as expected A review of Conrad Miami

We just recently were able to stay at the Conrad in Miami and it was not up to par, although it was nice. We enjoyed the room amenities, but the thermostat was broken, keeping the room a constant 60 degrees no matter what! We were also quite taken by the cost of parking, $24/day...that seems high when the the parking garage is the only place to park and is attached to the hotel. In addition, they did not satisfy our requests very timely. I had to ask for things several times before getting my request taken care of. I asked for a special pillow from their "pillow menu," and it was not available. I also requested some directions from the concierge and was provided directions in a timely manner causing me to have to call the location and get directions on my own. If they are going to provide a service, then it needs to be available. In addition, we had a complicated check-in that took up more than an hour of our precious vacation time.

All in all, it was a nice place to stay...beautiful bathroom and nice linens, but not quite what they advertised. It was new that weekend, so maybe part of these issues were due to the new personnel and lack of experience.

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