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Stayed at La Sorgente Hote in Iguazu for 2 nights in late May 2006. Paid $150 Argentine pesos ($48 USD when I was there) total per night with taxes for a room with 3 beds.

The rooms were attractive and mostly clean--probably 2 star by US standards. There were a few bugs in the shower but I think it was mainly because the window in the shower did not close air tight so this was unavoidable. Just little gnat type things that flew in the window cracks--not huge cockroaches or anything. Overall I still left feeling like it was a clean hotel.

The location was central enough to the town that we had plenty of dinner options within walking distance (6 to 8 block radius)--although make sure you look at a map because the town is not layed out in a perfect grid so it is easy to accidently walk in a big circle to get to the center of town if you don't know where you are going.

There were 2 computers with internet access in the lobby that were available to guests. They also had Wi-Fi available in some of the rooms. The room I had was located almost directly above the lobby and got a strong signal. I would tell them at check in if you plan on using the Wi-Fi so they can give you a room that gets a good signal.

The room had air conditioning but not heating. It was in the 50s at night while we were there and it got pretty chilly. I'm sure that a/c is much more important than heat at most times of the year in the Iguazu region but you may want to consider this depending on when you are travelling.

The last thing I would say is that I don't really know how well they speak English there. I'm not saying that they don't but I was travelling with 2 Spanish speakers and we communicated with the hotel staff completely in Spanish. I believe some other posters have said that they don't speak very much English but I can't verify that either way. Maybe someone else who has stayed here could confirm/deny this.

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