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I made reservations for this location based on everything I had seen on the web site. At the eleventh hour, I happend upon a review dated March 2003. This review circumvented the great disspointment I would have otherwise experienced.

Upon arrival, I felt as though I was in the middle of a bad clown act.

Although all posted signs marked the direction to the foyer and lobby, there were barracades to prevent access, due to renovations in progress. Finding our way to the registration desk, lobby etc was based on visitiors sharing personal guesses and theory as to how one might find the cheese, so to speak.

Once checked in, it was a bit hilarious in all that we encountered.

Situations such as, staff unable to locate menus, bottles of red wine, or misplaced mini refrigerators. (We received a call to our room asking if we had a mini-refrigerator in our room as they had apparently misplaced them)

The decor of each room was transplanted from somewhere else. Rooms looked like a child adorned with hand me downs of all sizes.

We were amused by all of this and it really didn't affect our stay.

What did bother us was that every single piece of literature or information available was absolutely inaccurate about the status and intent of the Inn and grounds. We discovered that the ultimate goal is to create a venue for weddings. 2006 is the estimated completion date.

Landscape and hardscape renovations are in progress. All the signification touist attractions no longer exist as advertised.

The inn is resonably priced, located unexpectedly in a residential neighborhood and unlike a corporate hotel, has character.......but at a cost.

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