Cold and Dark A review of Victorian Inn

We recently spent a night at the Victorian. We were looking for someplace near the national parks and forests. If you're into B&B's and quaint historic inns, you'll like this place. Not me. The large ornate building sits on the main road in a downtown area. We should have known right off the bat that something was "different" here when we were told there was no off-street parking. "Just park along the curb or across at the gas station," we were told. After checking in at the "reception" desk (which doubles as a jewelry store), we carried our own bags up a set of stairs into a cold dark hallway. The floors are creaky, the trim is dark, and the ceilings are high. The room was very clean, but there was no TV. Although it was a cool night, there was no air conditioning or ceiling fan. A sign in the room said that we "share" hot water with other guests, and we apparently share the "party line" phone. Another sign warns guests about a loud siren from the local fire house. This is the call for the volunteer firefighters. Thankfully, it did not set off during the night. The "lounge" is another dark, cold area with no TV, not comfortable seating, and a few board games. Everything in town closes at dusk, except for the restaurant and bar at the hotel.

We were about 45 minutes from the nearest national or state park. There seem to be very few other lodging options in this area.

Yes, we are a quaint and historic B&B/Inn, built in 1890 and still elegant. We are ornate, and on the Main Street. However, although many guests park on the street, all are offered the option of the US Bank parking across the street.

Yes, the ceilings are high (14 ft) and the trim is dark (original Queen Ann carved Victorian redwood). And most people stare and take pictures, inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship in them.

As stated, there are no TV's in the rooms (Jenny says they do not fit with the decor). However, each room has a 64 channel cable and as mentioned in our guest information book, all one has to do is request one we'll bring it in for them.

No, there is no air Inn in Ferndale has air conditioning. We are in a very temporate climate, roughly 60 to 71 degrees all year. We don't need air conditioning.

The other listed complaints fall into the same general category...most not reasonably to be expected in a timeless Victorian atmosphere and town. We'll certainly do our part and try harder to make everyone's stay a positive one, and to avoid mis-understandings.

Lastly, The Avenue of the Giants, possible the most awesome continous panorama of the Giant Redwoods to be seen, begins not 15 minutes south of us...not 45 minutes as stated by the reviewer, and Founders Grove, Giant Tree and the rest of Humboldt Redwoods State Park is right in the middle of it.

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