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I own three floating weeks at Coconut Palms Beach Resort and I love it. I have been fortunate to have scheduled weeks during a full moon . The night sky in the New Smyrna Beach area is relatively dark, as compared to the Chicago area, and the moon's silvery path across the dark ocean to the horizon with bright stars overhead is a very romantic experience. The broad, hard packed, white sandy beaches are wonderful for strolling, biking, automobile driving, swimming, surfing and sun bathing.

I have also been fortunate to view, from my ocean front balcony, a shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center 45 miles away. I figure that 15 seconds after lift off, I was as close to the shuttle as it rocketted into space as was the crowd at the Cape. I saw the launch in February, 2001. It was about 6:00pm, the weather was clear and mild, the sun was below the horizon, but it's rays illuminated the rising shuttle with it's long firey tail and brilliant trailing exhaust plume. Without binoculars, I could view the shuttle as it appeared to arch out over the Atlantic ocean and eventually separated from it's boosters which plummetted back into the ocean.

The New Smyrna Beach area is a quite, art community with interesting galleries, antique shops, good food, golf and shopping. It is about 1 1/2 hours from Orlando/Kissimmee (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, etc.), it is just north of the Cape and it's National Seashore area, it is just south of Daytona Beach (NASCAR Race Week, Bike Week, etc.) and about 1 1/2 hours from St.Augustine. New Symrna Beach is well located for Northeast Florida fun.

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