Cockroaches in the tub A review of Sanctuary Resort & Spa

Made my reservations one month in advance for $100/night at Palm Springs discount hotels for 2 nights over Memorial Day Weekend. The hotel is recently under new management... and needs work.

(1) We checked in to a room on the third floor overlooking the pool. The room was very hot and there was a dead (smooshed) cochroach in the tub, along wtih a live beetle. I immediately called down to the front desk. They sent someone up to remove the dead cochroach over 45 minutes later.

(2) The water in the bath tub could not be turned off. Even when they cleaned up the cockroach, they left the water running.

(3) The wall AC was in a corner and pointed at the entertainment center - which prevented any air from circulating. The room was sweltering hot.

(4) We were there two nights and received no maid service. We were out of the room all day. Around 4 pm, we returned to find the room not serviced. I called down to ask if there was maid service offered and was told yes. Two hours later, I called again and requested maid service and toilet paper (we were out). At 7 pm, I called a third time and requested toilet paper (having given up on maid service). When we returned from dinner, the toilet paper had finally arrived, but still no maid service.

(5) Glass bottles were down in the pool area, with kids running around.

(6) Kids w/diapers were in the jacuzzis and older kids were doing canyon balls into the jacuzzis (this is more of a parenting issue, but still there were no posted rules against it).

(7) The fixtures in the room had holes around them.

(8) The pictures above the two beds were identical.

(9) Despite the no smoking signs, people were smoking everywhere.

(10) I asked the staff about hiking at Joshua Tree or the Indian canyons, but they could not make any recommendations because no one had visited either location. In fact, everyone we spoke to recently moved to the area. While I don't expect everyone to have lived in the area their entire lives, it was a bit strange that the folks at the hotel were not aware of these major attractions.

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