Close to the airport, but that's about it A review of Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel

We spent two separate nights here on our way intoand out of Miami. The first night, front deskservice was decent, and there were no problemswith our room. We thought we would stop by the bar for a drink. Service was terrible - we almostwalked out for lack of finding anyone to provideus with a bill. Plus, our martini and cosmopolitancame in wine glasses. I guess the bar doesn'thave much in the way of glasswear.On our return trip, the front desk service wasincredibly bad. Dealing with the staff made melong for a nice, helpful and friendly ATM machine.We had booked via ***, and there was amixup on the check in date. The hotel treatedus like dirt, refused to check us in, and in generalwas extremely unhelpful. I called the ***, and spoke with two very helpful people.They even called the manager directly (he wastalking to her on the phone in front of me). Theyended up in argument on the phone. I've neverhad to argue as much to pay money before. The manger even made them fax a letter to thehotel.I'd skip this hotel on my next trip through Miami.

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