Close... But No Cigar ! A review of Embassy Suites Tampa - Downtown Convention Center

Attended a Convention in Tampa and booked in this hotel as the Westin add Marriott properites were sold out.

I think the biggest issue is with staffing. The front desk staff was courteous, but even if there were two of them at all times, one was ALWAYS on the phone. So even asking a simple question or getting help for the baggage room took forever. Bellmen and doormen did not know the property, nor did they seem to care, and had all-around adolescent bad manners.

Cleaning staff was hardly better. I walked into my room while the maid was in the room, (door was open and unlocked) and because of the room setup, she was in the back room, she did not evenbother to come out and see who was entering the room, she did not even bother to acknowledge my presence with a simple "hello". Snack bar staff was equally unprepared to dealing with customers, and service was excruciatingly slow. There seems to be enough "manager types" walking around the building in suits with brass name tags, but they are not seeing the same things, I guess.

The most pleasant staff member was the Airport Shuttle Bus driver ! And I don't even think he works for Embassy !

Breakfast seating is way too close for comfort, with tables set-up wihtout enough room to manoeuvre in or out. Breakfast buffet area was messy in general with spilled stuff all over both mornings, and seemingly no one to clean up during breakfast.

Beds and pillows are comfortable. Bathroom amenities are fine. TV's (2 of them) are good. Workspace in living room is very efficient, with comfortable ergonomic chair.

Noise level in the large central atrium is very loud, with music going until 11 pm. Bring earplugs if you intend on getting to bed before that time. Only reason I would not go back is poor service. They need to do better at $269.

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