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For our first trip to New York City, we were very concerned about finding a reasonably-priced hotel relatively near the main attractions (i.e.-Manhattan). After looking at online reviews for several cheap hotels within Manhattan itself (and finding that anything under $120/night was a rat-infested flop house), we started checking other nearby boroughs. Thank God we did! This Comfort Inn is in Long Island City, literally one block away from a major subway stop. On the subway, midtown Manhattan is just three stops away(less than a 10-minute trip).

Now to be perfectly honest, the hotel is not in an upscale neighborhood. In fact, it's not impressive at all to look at. BUT, the hotel itself is new(I think it was built in 2003), and well-kept. It is secure(you can't enter unless the front desk clerk buzzes you in-and one is always on-duty) and it is very clean. Also there seemed to always be a security guard on-duty.

A very basic breakfast is included each morning. They call it a "deluxe" breakfast but it is basically donuts, juice, toast, and cereal. Still, you can eat as much as you want and it's a great way to start your day with energy.

The one major drawback: the rooms are VERY small! We had booked a standard room with two double beds. Unfortunately, they had overbooked that type of room. They were very apologetic about it and offered to upgrade us to a deluxe room with a single king-sized bed, plus a roll-away bed. We were satisfied with this because we thought "Hey, we get a DELUXE room!". Bottom line: there was barely enough space in the room to even open the roll-away! We mentioned the small size of the room to the security guard and he said, "You should see the standard rooms. They're even smaller". So, don't expect a lot of space.

Still, the place was clean, safe, conveniently located, and, most importantly, CHEAP. If this is your priority, you can't do much better from what I've seen.

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