Clean Room, Unfriendly Front Desk Staff A review of Hilton Arlington

My wife and I were in town for a wedding in September (2004). We chose this property because it was very close to the wedding reception. The rooms were very clean and the furniture appeared to be somewhat new but was nothing fancy. The bathrooms were small but clean and nicely appointed. Although when you turned on the bathroom light, a heat lamp also turned on. The heat lamp could not be shut off unless you turned off the bathroom light. This made it very unconfortalbe if you were in the restroom for a period of time. The walls were also somewhat thin.

The hotel was above a metro station and in a convenient location. The only issue we had was with the hotel front desk staff. They were not very helpful or courteous. Just to note one incident, when we checked in, they did not ask me about parking and I forgot to ask. After checking in I went back to the desk and asked if I parked my car in the correct garage. The lady at the desk asked me, in a snooty way, "did you tell us that you planned to park? You need to tell us if you had a car." She then looked at me as if I was stupid an then proceded to tell me that parking was $13 extra per day. She then proceded to give me a parking pass. Not very customer service oriented. We gave it an above average rating because the rooms were clean, in a good location, and we found an internet special for $63 per night. We would consider staying there again, but only if we had a good rate.

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