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The Timberline Lodge is a classic mountain lodge!! Built in the '30's as a part of Roosevelt's WPA program, it still stands as a beautiful & historic destination. The detail in the construction goes beyond anything you'd find in present day; it's a pleasure to see the care & dedication that went into its creation.There are basically 3 levels of 'common space.' Upon entering there are old chairs with raw-hide staps around a fireplace (registration is to the left of this area). The 2nd level is the "main lobby" which feels more like an enormous living room. The period furniture is placed around the 6 sided, 92 foot fireplace. It's simply stunning. The main dining room is also off this space. Dinner reservations are a must even for the lodge guests. The food was fabulous and only a bit pricey--but, if you're staying at the lodge, you're a captive audience. There are very few places you're going to find food if you leave the lodge & travel down the mountain. Their wine selection is also quite large considering their location. The 3rd level (mezzanine) overlooks the main lobby. Drinks and appetizers are served in this area for curious tourists or those just wishing to relax and take in the view. The mezzanine (also known as the Rams Head Bar) has plenty of windows & seating overlooking the mountains or the ski side of Mt. Hood.The one thing I did like is that they lock the front doors to visitors after 11pm. If you're a guest and require entrance, there's a speaker system to allow you access to the facility.The rooms are quite cozy and small but that's to be expected based on the period in which it was built. Our only complaint was a noisy water fountain in the hallway. We solved the noise by unplugging it. The toilet in the bathroom was behind a wall on the other side of the sink; it would be very difficult for a "larger person" to manuever their way to the toilet. This is probably not the case with all the rooms. We happened to be on the 3rd floor with a queen sizeIf you are in the area, do yourself a favor and stay at the Timberline Lodge at least one night. Treat yourself to a nice dinner and go about your trip. It is a lovely place with a lot of history attached to it.Enjoy!!!!

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