Chlorine leak?? A review of Red Jacket Mountain View Resort

We stayed at the Red Jacket Inn during the Fall of 2003. Upon check-in we were told that the reservations that we had made ahead of time were at their sister hotel down the street. Finally a manager allowed us to check in. Around 4:30 A.M. we were awakened by a fire alarm sounding.

We exited our room with a hundred other guests and filed out into the near freezing temperatures. We watched as firefighters put up yellow 'caution' tape and ran through the hotel with all of thier gear on.

This went on for the better part of the next five hours until we were finally told we could go back into the building. (Some quick thinking desk clerk ordered donuts and coffee which took a bit of the edge off.) We went back inside only to find that there had been some sort of Chlorine leak and the fabled breakfast buffet was not going to be served. The hotel did not even offer any sort of discount and no apologies! Wow, that was one bummer of a weekend getaway.

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