Checked out early, still feel unclean. A review of DFW Airport Hotel & Conference Center

Summary: This hotel is in an advanced stage of decay, is being maintained at a bare minimum of effort by the management, and at $100/night, was not in any way a good deal for the money.

I booked this hotel while on a three-night business trip to Dallas. I checked out after the second night. My first clue that there might be problems should have been the gentleman at the front desk demanding to see a manager, but I travel all the time, and irate guests happen. My next clue was on the way to the room. Paint is flaking off of the walls, the third floor button on the elevator wouldn't work (press it, then "4", and the elevator will start moving), and hallways smelled musty. When I got to my scarred but at least still mostly-painted door and went into the room, I found the reason for the musty smell -- mildew on the bathroom ceiling and walls (and on the hair dryer electrical cord, which I'm still puzzled about). It was late, so I went to sleep despite feeling a bit itchy.

The next morning, I did a quick search for other hotels in the area and couldn't find anything. This was because in the light of morning, I saw the holes in the carpet, and had discovered that iron and TV remote were both broken, and there was no ironing board. After returning from my meetings, I looked again for hotels, found none, and asked the management to bring up a new iron, ironing board, and TV remote -- to their credit, they did that fairly quickly. The next morning, a Courtyard finally opened up and I checked out early without any penalty -- the desk staff appeared to be accustomed to early check-outs, and didn't even bother asking why I wanted to leave early.

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