Check-in chaos A review of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa

The hotel was beautiful however we were very unhappy upon checking in.

We reserved the luxury suite and a deluxe for our engagement party a week prior to the vacation. The first nights deposit was deducted from my bank account immediately as a deposit for the 2 rooms; however, when we arrived to check-in we were told our rooms were not available (What was the $300 for?) I was told by the reservations manager that they were double booked and there was some "tribal thing that she couldn't explain" behind us not getting our rooms. They had a 'walk policy' though and she would be happy to walk us to the next hotel. If your customers' rooms become unavailable after they have paid their deposit then they need to be informed before making the trip there and be given a better excuse then "some tribal thing". After we became upset and it was mentioned that this was my engagement weekend 6 reservations magically got cancelled and our luxury room was now available. That was the first of many upsetting surprises of the weekend. It ended with us having dinner reservations for 15 at Lloyds (the retaurant located within the casino) that got pushed back an hour and once we did get our food 5 of the dinners were sent back because of poor proportions and the fact that they were cold. A couple hours after check out we realized that someone had left a cell phone in the room. We called and spoke with security and were told that everything gets turned in at the end of shift. When we called the next morning nothing had shown up but my fiance's voicemail had been changed to a woman's message. We are now having to get involved with theft charges on top of everything. Couple dishonest staff with the fact that there is no video poker, black jack, craps, etc., and the incredibly slow service and the only good thing about the weekend was my engagement. The Hard Rock Casino is a big let-down.

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