Cheap Treatment of a simple problem A review of SHERATON CHARLOTTE HOTEL

I stayed in the Hotel around end of March 06. I just wanted to share my experience regarding the wireless internet service they provide and the way the hotel treated me. The wireless service was supposed to be free in the main lobby. I went to the lobby but the system did not work. After half an hour of waiting and after the front desk contacted the manager, they told me to write my room number on a sheet of paper and then advised me to pay for the service by my credit card and that I would be reimbursed the day after by the manger. A few weeks later I contacted them regarding the fact that I had not yet been reimbursed. I was told it would be taken care of. A few weeks passed again and I contacted them again and the day after the left me a message that I should contact the company that provided the wireless service and ask them for a refund!

I felt it was a cheap way of dealing with a simple problem.

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