Cheap rooms come at a price! A review of IP Casino Resort Spa - Biloxi

We had a mixed stay, mostly bad. On the positive side: we were given a room with a nice view (as requested) and the TV had A/V plug-ins in the front so that if you brought a VCR, DVD, or game system you could easily hook it up to the room's TV. Also, the Casino was pretty good size and offered most all of the popular games. The other good things were the low rates (we paid $39/night with an internet special) and the room was good size.

Now the for the bad:

1) The staff was very mixed in their levels of friendliness and professionalism. About half of the staff was friendly and helpful and the other half bordered on down-right rude. Obviously the level of service was not a matter of standards or hotel culture, but rather was left up to the individual employees (enough of them were rude to make it obvious that this behavior is tolerated by the hotel management).

2) The pool looked beautiful... but we never got to use it. If there are any morning showers the hotel closes the pool for the rest of the day no matter what. Our last day there I called to ask if I could talk to someone about possibly opening the pool (it had been sunny out for about 3 hours and there were no clouds in the sky) and I was abruptly told "No", followed by "once the pool is closed it stays closed". This employee was not in the least bit sympathetic or appologetic for the hotel's apparent inability to open the pool. She seemed annoyed that I even asked.

3) Only about a third of the restaraunts were open. The one that we ate at had poor service and was out of several of the menu items (including peanut butter for the PB&J sandwiches on the kid's menu... this later turned up and the kids got their food about 30 minutes after we got ours).

4) If you drive anything bigger than a car it will not fit in the parking garage (only has a 6' clearance)... you can valet park for free though.

5) The furnishings and linens were uncomfortable and obviously very low quality (I guess you get what you pay for).

6) The IP is located in the worst part of town and requires a drive to get to the beach or any of the other casinos.

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