Cheap'n'cheerful - good location A review of Bi & Bee Saigon Hotel & Restaurant

We stayed for 2 nights in Bee Saigon, then later that week (after a trip up the coast) 1 night in Bi Saigon. They're owned and operated by the same people - they're just a few buildings away from one another....

The accomodation is basic and quite quirky - you have to trek up some very narrow stairs to get to most of the rooms. Also, their idea of a double bed is interesting.... two singles put together.

On our second visit there we opted for a cheaper room than we had to start with, yet it was actually bigger! We decided that this was because the first one had a balcony. If you dont pre-book then it might be an idea to ask to look at available rooms before checking in so that you can judge what is best for your needs - and pocket!

However, it is cheap and centrally located and the airport transfer went smoothly.

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Bi & Bee Saigon Hotel & Restaurant
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