Cheap hotel (on priceline) A review of Millennium Airport Hotel Buffalo

I stayed here for 22 dollars a night on pricline, I usually pay about 27 a night. I get some friends together for a little pool party and we sit around and drink beers poolside and hang out. The pool area has a nice vibe to it.

When you book a room on priceline, they don't give you a poolside room, so you have to walk quite a ways downstairs to the pool area. Not a huge deal.

The pool is pretty decent, indoors, has a cool tropical theme to it. No lifeguard on duty, and if you go at the right time, there is nobody in the pool to bother your group. We go on off beat days in the middle of winter and the hotel is basically empty.

There is a little video arcade next door (pretty dingy), and there is a little excercise room with sauna (ok i guess, but not very large). But no public jacuizzi. When we got there it seemed that they roped off much of the area surrounding the pool because they were holding a conference there. Weird. We made sure to not make much noise in the pool (lol). Be sure to check out the pool after like 8pm, otherwise its packed to capacity with familys and kiddies.

The actual room itself is pretty basic. Clean, but well used. Reminds me of a holiday inn. Little "ice box" fridge in each room, no microwave. No bar in the rooms. Actually its kinda worse than a new holiday inn, the rooms seem old and well used.

Free high speed internet access (dsl speeds) if you bring your own ethernet cable. Its not wifi.

Free newspaper in the morning, and the staff is pretty friendly. I didn't eat in the restaurants in the hotel, they are usually cheezy and expensive.

This hotel is right next door to the walden galleria mall, so its busy all the time. The hotel parking lot is private from the mall, which is good, but they don't do a good job plowing the lot. My truck almost got stuck in the snow drifts. Free parking though, which is a bonus.

This hotel is like 1-2 miles from the airport, which is good for travelers, i'm not sure if they offer shuttle service, but I'm sure that they do.

There is a olive garden restaurant right across the street (be careful crossing, its a major intersection). There is a wegmans grocery store across the street. Both are decent places to go. Avoid the restaurants in the shopping mall, they are gross for the most part.

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