Cheap but fair A review of Edgewater Hotel & Casino

Our room was cheap at just 415 a night in the summer months. We stayed four nights. It was an average two double beds hotel room. Check in took forever even though we reserved in advance with a credit card, so did check out. The room was clean and we received a lot of freebies coupons including a free night's stay in December. The

slots were average. Our party of four took $25 each to play in the slots. Two lost, two won and we came away about $25 in the black (ahead). The food at the cafe downstairs was so-so, and so was the service. But we're use to Las Vegas food and service, and there is certainly no comparison in Laughlin. We loved the riverside walkways, and river cruise dinner. When we checked in, we asked for an upgrade to a suite or something nicer, and we were told they only had the avergae size rooms.

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